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Lets Go Easy IoT!

NB-IoT Turnkey Solution

The WiS NB-IoT turnkey solutions offer you all the components you need for successful entry into IoT business, from the prototyping of your business case to series production.

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Our NB-IoT Development Board and NB-IoT Demo Kit enable your use cases to be realized efficiently and in product-quality. Using our NB-IoT Relay Service (NRS), you can then easily and securely link your NB-IoT devices to the Cloud platform of your choice or your proprietary backend – on the device itself via UDP, on the network side via either HTTPS or Socket.IO. Thanks to the embedded software library supplied with all boards as standard, configuration is completed in next-to-no-time. You can carry out further settings as well as device and user management conveniently at any time via the web interface.

End-to-end NB-IoT connectivity from a single source

  • NB-IoT Relay Service for the straightforward and secure connection of your IoT devices to diverse Cloud and IoT platforms (Azure, Adafruit, etc.) or proprietary backends 
  • Node-RED integration for easy and secure realization of customer-specific dashboards
  • Plug & Play Prototyping and Development Boards with Client for integration of the NB-IoT Relay Service & Software Libraries for easy connection of a wide range of sensors
  • Technical support and development services with an IoT focus

NB-IoT Development Board

The professional development board with optimized software libraries for ARM Mbed. Standardized interfaces and hardware ready for series production enable a speedy transition from the pilot to the marketable finished product

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The WIS NB-IoT Development Board is the ideal platform for the efficient and product-quality evaluation of your IoT use cases. The board features modules for NB-IoT, Bluetooth and GNSS, as well as a range of standard user interfaces for the connection of sensors, actuators and clients. The software libraries which are also supplied enable the board to be easily connected to our NB-IoT Relay Service and hence to a wide range of Cloud platforms.


Multi-module IoT development board

Technical Data



  • Power supply: 5V DC (Micro USB) or 3.7V LiPo battery
  • Dimensions: ~45.5 mm x 92 mm
  • Temperature range: -40C to +85C (operating temperature)
  • NB-IoT module: Quectel BC66
  • Bluetooth module: U-Blox NINA-B111
  • GNSS module: Quectel L76L-M33
  • Antennas: Bluetooth 2.4 GHz PCB antenna, U.FL coaxial connector for GNSS & NB-IoT Sub-GHz antenna
  • Standards supported: Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, NB-IoT (Cat-NB1), GNSS
  • Interfaces: SWD debug and programming interface for STM32 microcontroller
  • Microcontroller: STM32L152RE Ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M3, 32 MHz CPU, 512 kByte Flash, 80 kByte RAM
  • User interfaces: UART, 3xGPIO, SPI, I²C


Professional development as a possible starting point for industrial high-volume products




  • NB-IoT, Bluetooth & GNSS connectivity
  • Close-to-production hardware with a small form factor for a smooth transition form the pilot to the marketable finished product
  • Straightforward development with the well-known ARM Mbed IDE
  • Optimized energy management for product-quality prototypes with long battery operating times
  • Supports all standard protocols for the connection of your devices, sensors and actuators
  • Wireless modules which can be disconnected from the power supply on the hardware side enable realistic consumption profiles to be determined over the course of your pilot project
  • IP 65 certified housing allows outdoor pilots as well
  • Software library for easy and flexible connection to various Cloud & IoT platforms via the WIS NB-IoT relay service
  • Available as a WIS NB-IoT Development Kit with a selection of sensors and SIM card with 25 MB NB-IoT data volume (6 months validity)


    NB-IoT Demo-Kit

    The all-in-one kit for quick entry into NB-IoT-based networking solutions. The kit uses an Arduino-compatible board, comes with a comprehensive sensor portfolio, plus Node-RED as an open source visualization solution.

    Thanks to straightforward “plug & play” the board is ready for immediate use.

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    With the Demo Kit, you can gather first experience with NB-IoT in an easy way. At the same time, e.g. for management sessions, an initial proof-of-concept for your own use cases can be realized in just a few hours, thereby contributing a tangible component to your internal discussion.

    The core component of the Demo Kit is the Tuino096 Development Board from Gimasi, which is equipped with an NB-IoT module (Quectel BG96) and can be programmed using the well-known Arduino development environment (C and C++). A sample code and a detailed manual for commissioning your demo kits is available to you on our Github page.

    The all-in-one for the quick & easy realization of IoT demonstrators

    WIS NB-IoT Demo-Kit

    • Features diverse sensors and actuators from the Seeed Groove portfolio (temperature & humidity sensor, ultrasonic sensor, light sensor, OLED display, GNSS antenna)
    • 118 other sensors with plug-and-play integration capability
    • SIM card with 25 MB NB-IoT data volume (6 months validity)

    NB-IoT Relay Service

    The choice of provider for IoT connectivity often also involves being tied to its platform, protocols and interfaces, because the secure transfer of data flows from a UDP-based sensor network to a TCP-based computer network requires a protocol translator, which is usually implemented by the provider concerned.  

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    With our NB-IoT Relay Service (NRS), YOU choose the platform: The NRS supports a wide range of communication protocols (UDP, HTTPS, Socket.IO, CoAP, MQTT, etc.) and therefore enables a connection to a variety of Cloud platforms or proprietary systems to be made quickly and easily, while retaining the advantages of specific protocols at the sensor or computer network side (energy-efficiency and security). Including devices and user management, of course, very simply via GUI.

    You make the platform decision, we deal with the connection

    WIS NB-IoT Relay Service

    • Easy and secure connection of your NB-IoT devices to a variety of IoT platforms, Cloud services (e.g. Azure, Adafruit) or proprietary backends
    • Web interface (GUI) for the administration of users and devices
    • Conversion of data flows from the sensor in computer networks while retaining the protocol-specific advantages at both sides (energy-efficiency, security)